The Divine Feminine Oracle contains 53 saints, mystics, poets, priestesses, gender rebels, cross-dressers, trailblazers, and holy troublemakers who represent both divine beings and the human women who sought to embody them. 

The potency of this oracle rests in the variety of images of the divine feminine, not just religious diversity, but also race, culture, gender identity, mythology, and geographic location. And also, all aspects of the divine feminine, from what’s considered light to dark, are exalted in this oracle. The red thread that connects them all is the legacy of love they each represent.

I have long believed that there is a connection between our ideas of the divine and the status of women. If the divine is understood to be exclusively male, and is referred to only as the father, then men and the masculine are of higher stature while women and the feminine are valued less. This imbalance harms us all.

There have always been just as many holy ladies as men. We simply haven’t lived in a time that holds the feminine and the female as sacred as the masculine and male. But gratefully, the time has arrived.


This oracle is a form of feminine reparation—repairing our vision and idea of what it means to be sacred, reminding us that women give birth to men, and asserting that the feminine is as essential to the world as oxygen or gravity. The feminine is an elemental aspect crucial to every one of us.

This oracle is about the divine and the human, as I believe we are all meant to be both. But we’ve forgotten.

A human being is as significant and as worthy of reverence as an angel or a goddess. Our purpose is the same: to give and receive love. To lend our light in the effort of expanding the amount of love we can embody. Many of us have believed that there’s a celestial hierarchy to all things. That power and importance start at the top with the divine, and then below are the angels, and then below them are the humans, and then among us are severe divisions between sex and race and gender and religion. And then come the animals and all the beautiful created things that exist in this world.

It’s important to recognize that there isn’t a hierarchy in the spiritual world. Existence cannot be ranked on a vertical line or stacked in order of importance. Existence is a continuum that resides on a horizontal axis where each being is as significant as the next. Love is the force that renders us all equal.

The power and importance of the universe exists right here within each of us—just waiting to be remembered.

You will meet each of these holy ladies eye to eye so they can remind you of your own light. I want you to experience darshan, a form of seeing and being seen by the divine, with each card. I want this oracle to be a sacred mirror so you can’t forget just how much divine love you have come from.


We contain our own answers. We know this, and yet still we go through the motions of trying to find outside of us what we will eventually return to find within us.

It’s a humorous aspect of being human. We forget our divinity. We forget how powerful we are. And so, we siphon that power to other people, to institutions, to sacred sites and places. We invest others with a power that is actually our own.

This Divine Feminine Oracle is an invitation to reclaim your power. It’s a spiritual tool to hone your intuition.

Working with it can be a sacred practice of remembering that you contain your own answers. You can drop into your heart, that cathedral of love inside you, and receive what is needed.

Every card in The Divine Feminine Oracle has an intention. The ego might not feel as though the intention is true for us; for example, the intention that accompanies Mary Magdalene’s card reads “I am the bridge between heaven and earth. I am fully human and fully divine.” This might not feel like a conscious reality for you at the time you draw it. It’s the message though that your soul wants you to remember.

Intentions are prayers. We repeat an intention to embody its frequency. Because we don’t yet believe, in our bones, that the intention or affirmation is true for us. Repeat the intention like a mantra, as if it’s sacred medicine. Its purpose is to allow you to return to that part of you that never forgot its truth.

My intention is that this oracle strengthens your capacity to hear your soul; that it reminds you of just how vast and varied the divine feminine has always been; and that it connects you with the fierce love that exists within you, that is you, and that can only ever expand.




In this free audio, I talk with Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman talk about this red thread that connects us, this legacy, this inheritance of radical love that the world is asking, demanding, that we remember, and embody now. We answer questions about the Oracle and about this legacy of love the Divine Feminine allows us to be.